• Just a touch on the remote-control switch, the seat will move out of the vehicle and down to pick up passenger-then move up in to the vehicle. Very safe and convenient.
  • With innovative design, it is very versatile for V.I.P. and the people you love.

   Features :
   Can be fitted to a variety
   of vans such as:

  • Mercedes Benz 
    - Vito
    - MB100
    - MB140
  • Volk Caravelle
  • Kia Carnival
  • Toyota Commuter
  • Honda Stream
  • Nissan , etc

Available options:  

  1. Safety belt         2. Wireless remote-controller

  • At a touch of a remote-switch, the platform will slide out and lower it self to the ground.
  • Strong, reliable, safe and heavy load-capacity.
  • G-lifts can be use to move persons in stretcher.

Features :
1. Fluid motion, both up and down.
2. Manual Closing Valve.
3. Built in platform side flanges.
4. Smooth landing system.
5. Sensors to prevent foot caught in the lift.
6. Plastic-cover lifting arms are for looks and safety.
7. Wheel stopper position detector for added safety.
8. Hand-rail wrapped in soft foam material.

Available options:  

  1. Safety belt                         2. Wireless remote-controller
  3. Wheel chair fastener

  • K Series are very popular and trusted by many customers.
  • Unique manual-fold platform design
  • Ensure maximum power and durability with twin-arm system
    and powerful hydraulic pump
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be fitted to various kinds of vehicle.
  • Can be used with stretchers.

Features :
1. Dual hand-rails.
2. Built in platform side flanges.

Available options:  

1. Wheel chair fastener
2. Wireless remote-controller
3. Manual back-up hydraulic pump
4. Blind curtain

  • SN Series is one of the most popular lifts on the market.
  • The very well-made steel frames and powerful battery-operated hydraulic pump ensure reliability and peace-of-mind.
  • Single arm lift and folding platform design allows clear entrance and roominess in compact sized vehicles.

Available options:  

1. Right hand side installation
2. Wheel chair fastener
3. Hand rail
4. Wireless remote-controller
5. Manual back-up hydraulic pump

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